Hand shelling seed corn.

As spring approaches here we've got lots of little project to do around our little hobby farm!  One of the things we did this weekend was hand shell our seed stock for the corn crop.  This type of corn is called "Painted Mountain" and we grew a small patch of it last year (1000 sq.

Time to order CHICKS!

Time to order CHICKS!

It’s that time of year!  Time to order chickens!  We will be replacing our layer flock this year.  We really prefer the “Buff Orpington” breed for several reasons.  They are relatively quiet, they are very even tempered and they are good with children.  If you are thinking of starting a layer flock here are a few tips on ordering.  At Blue Seal Feeds in Windham, where I get my birds, there is a minimum order of six birds.  If you are a family of four and you just want eggs for personal use this number is perfect!  At the height of their production in the first year we were getting up to 5 eggs per day!  Now it’s more like 1-3 per day and they are three years old.  If your family is larger or you want to sell eggs then you can certainly increase your flock size.  The breeds available are numerous; Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Golden Comets, White Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, the list goes on.  Prices are a

Chicken Re-Coop

Chicken Re-Coop

We have six laying hens on my little hobby farm.  And just a few nights ago when I was checking on them before bed I noticed one of the ladies was wheezing pretty bad.  "Hmmm...

Gardeners! Start your seed orders!

Gardeners!  Start your seed orders!

I know!  I know!  We're in the middle of a snow storm but really, a snow storm is just about the best time to curl up by the wood stove and start planning that springtime garden!  My wife and I are just about ready to put in our seed order.  We like to do our garden on a budget and starting from seed is the best way to accomplish that.  A good plan is a must.  In the picture the plan for one of our three large gardens is on top of the seed catalogs.  A plan helps you properly space plants and get a general vision for how the garden will look.  We will be doing a variety of vegetables and flowers this year.  Here are some of the things we hope to grow!  The "favorites" are things we've grown successfully before and still have leftover seed for.  The "new items" are things we will be trying out for the first time this spring!


Provider bush bean

The Art of Snowblowing... with Old Iron!

Well that was quite a storm we had here on January 12th!  I gather that most of you out there used a snow blower to dig out.  This was just the right kind of snow for blowing.  While there was a lot of it, I got about a foot in South Windham, the snow was relatively light and easy to clear.  My neighbor and I each own a curious contraption called a "Walk Behind Tractor."  These particular tractors were made by a manufacturer called Gravely.  They look like a riding lawnmower that has had the rear end and wheels cut off!  There are two wheels that provide the propulsion, a transmission and a single cylinder, four stroke gasoline engine strapped to the back!  On the front is a PTO or power take-off that accepts several different implements.  In the video you'll see we have both of ours set up for, you guessed it, SNOWBLOWING!  What is so impressive to me is that these machines are still running after over 40 years!  My neighbor's