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Steve Forbert at One Longfellow Square
Steve Forbert at One Longfellow Square

Steve Forbert at One Longfellow Square

Friday, March 25, 2011   8:00 PM

Given the mythic nature of Forbert’s early career, one can be forgiven for wondering what he’s done since parting company with Geffen Records after they released The American in Me in 1992. The fact is that Steve Forbert has never stopped writing, singing and performing and has released twelve studio albums, three live sets and four DVDs since 1978 - to say nothing of the several compilations and archival releases that are available through his website ( The freedom to release music when he chooses to and follow his own muse without having to cowtow to the fickle whims of musical fashion has ironically resulted in his creating albums like Evergreen Boy, Mission of The Crossroad Palms and Strange Names and New Sensations that must surely be considered amongst the best releases of his career. 

As the years pass, the indefinable honesty and dignity of Forbert’s approach to music continues to have an almost magical spell on his small but loyal coterie of fans. Undeniably, there is something immensely appealing in his laconic delivery and hesitant assertions which still draw listeners into a universe where common people make difficult choices and occasionally win. (as was proven when Forbert was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame in 2006.) 

Finally, Steve Forbert in 2009 is a songwriter who not only appears comfortable with his place in life but who also — like the narrator of his early tune Steve Forbert’s Midsummer Night’s Toast — still rejects a nine-to-five existence in favor of hewing to his own road-less-traveled. 

“Music should be truthful and real,” Forbert once said, “but it should also be uplifting and healing.” That’s a philosophy he’ll be honoring throughout 2009 as he continues his very personal and spirited relationship with a loyal fan base that is growing old gracefully along with its favorite troubadour.

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