SAD61 Introduces New School Lunch Menu and Makes Eating Healthy Easier for Students

More Vegetables, Fruits and Whole Grain Options Being Served Up

BRIDGTON, Maine —Feb. 14, 2011 — Since 1946 when the National School Lunch Program was first passed by Congress, kids across the country have been offered a hot meal each day at school. However, as national overweight and obesity rates increase, many schools across the United States are trying to improve their lunch offerings and provide healthier meals to help students eat better and maintain healthier weights. Maine School Administrative District 61 (SAD 61) has made over its school lunch menu so students have easier access to healthy food selections.

Children who attend Songo Locks School, Sebago Elementary School, Stevens Brook Elementary School, Lake Region Middle School and Lake Region High School are already benefitting from the new menu. This is thanks to SAD 61’s Foodservice Director, Andy Madura, and his staff along with Courtney Kennedy, the district’s new School Health Coordinator.

Maine Students Score Better Than in Most States on National Science Test

Maine students outperformed students in most other states on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the only test of student achievement that allows comparison of student performance across states.

Maine tied for the fifth highest science score in grade 4 and tied for eighth highest in grade 8. By some measures, such as percent of student proficiency, Maine ranks even higher on the test, which was administered in 2009 and is being reported today.

Statewide at the fourth grade, 42 percent of students in Maine scored at the “proficient” level or above. In the eighth grade, 35 percent of students scored at or above the “proficient” level.

Maine’s lower-income students are doing well compared to in other states and the nation as a whole. In Maine, 29 percent of students eligible for free or reduced lunch in the 4th grade scored at or above the “proficient” level compared to 16 percent nationally.


In 2010, Maine College of Art completed its vision to bring all academic and studio facilities under the roof of the Porteous Building. In appreciation of the local community that was instrumental in achieving this goal, MECA has created the Portland Area School Scholarship (PASS) for selected area high schools.

For any graduate of the selected schools who qualifies for admission to the undergraduate program at Maine College of Art, the College will provide a guaranteed $12,000 scholarship each year for four years or until they complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, provided they maintain good academic standing.

Eighteen years ago, Maine College of Art purchased the Porteous, Mitchell and Braun department store with the ambition to transform it into a vibrant campus for art and design.

Windham High School Winter Concert

Windham Performance Art Center Calendar

High School Winter Concert - December 14, 2010 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Red Claws Team Up with Enterprising Windham HS Students to Renovate Court

Class Project Sparks Efforts to Renovate Dilapidated Court
PORTLAND, ME – The Maine Red Claws, presented by Quirk Chevrolet, today announced that they have
joined the efforts of two Windham High School students to renovate a public basketball court in the town of
Windham. The court, which is currently in severe disrepair and unusable, is located near the Manchester
Elementary School and will be the only public outdoor court in the town of Windham.
“We were approached by Windham highs school students Matt Dyer and Matt Desmond early in the fall seeking
the Red Claws’ assistance to renovate an outdoor basketball court in Windham,” said Red Claws President and
General Manager.