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Locals remember Krista Dittmeyer

BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- News of Krista Dittmeyer's death has hit hard in the town of Bridgton, the community where she grew up.

The Morning Glory Diner is a typical small town gathering spot that's very popular with the locals. It has been run by the Perreault family for years.

They hired Krista to work as she made her way through high school. They soon considered her a part of their family.

It has been a while since the Perreaults last saw Krista. They watched with disbelief as they saw the pictures of her and her car on the news and learned she was missing.

"That just doesn't happen here, it doesn't happen in Conway where I live, it doesn't happen in Bridgton, it just doesn't happen to us and it happened to a really nice family and we're all shocked by it", said Tammy Perreault, one of the diner's owners.

The developments of the past few days have shaken the community's sense of security, especially for people who knew Krista Dittmeyer well. They say the uneasy feeling they're now experiencing won't go away until they start to get some answers.


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