Green pleads guilty in pot shooting death | News

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Green pleads guilty in pot shooting death

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man from Windham who shot and killed a man who was stealing marijuana plants pleaded guilty Friday to four counts including manslaughter and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

Joseph Green was then sentenced to 10-years in prison.

Inside the Cumberland County courthouse the family of David Harmon told a heart wrenching story of a man who was broke and his home was being foreclosed on. In a desperate attempt to make money he decided to steal some marijuana plants. It's a decision that cost him his life.

"Why and how could someone kill over a plant? An illegal one at that. This is what i'm left with, not great memories of my brother but what a horrible death he had", Harmon's sister Pamela Aube told the court.

At the time Green felt he was protecting his property. His attorney says it's a decision Green now regrets.



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