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Computer Crimes credited in ending RSU 14 threat

(NEWS CENTER) -- When police responded to RSU 14 to investigate the threatening emails, they realized they needed to call in the Maine State Computer Task Force.

Investigators and parents wanted to know who was behind the threats and if the threats were legitimate.

The computer crimes team is called in when local law enforcement need assistance. Computer Forensic Analyst John Moran was contacted to work on the RSU 14 case and trace the emails.

Moran said
this is the worst case of online threats he can remember.

"It is becoming more and more prevalent, not necessarily on the level that we have seen recently in this case. But we do see people using the internet to threaten or harass people more often," said Moran.

While it is an increasing problem all over the country, Maine doesn't often experience email threats that affect so many people.

Many details about the case are still being withheld, but Moran said the biggest hurdle was tracking down the 16-year-old suspect who went to great lengths to hide his identity behind a computer.

"You know it is not uncommon to find people who think, 'Oh it is all online, you can't catch me. I'm going to get away with it.' Sometimes that comes crashing down fairly quickly," said Moran.

One of the biggest hurdles for Maine Computer Crimes is each case is different and with technology always changing every case takes the same amount of manpower to get it solved.

"I wish there was a flow chart, because every time we have one of those types of cases I would pull them out and follow it," said Moran.

Moran pointed to the team's close relationship with law enforcement as the driving force of their success in the case.

"It is not a one man band operation by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of people from Windham and from our unit worked on this case," said Moran.

The 16-year-old is facing eight counts of terrorism, one for each of the schools in the district.


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