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Windham Task Force breaks up prom parties

WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Windham Police busted two underage post prom drinking parties May 10, one from an anonymous tip. In anticipation of prom weekend, the Windham Police department created an underage drinking task force to investigate any parties. The Windham Police department also established an anonymous tip line for reporting underage drinking.

On Saturday, May 10, a tip led police to Willow Drive in Windham, where an after-prom party with alcohol was occurring. The task force issued summonses for three juveniles and five adults, including the owner of the property, Keith McAvoy, 45, who police summonsed for providing a place for underage drinking. Police issued summonses for illegal possession of alcohol to Samuel Manley, 19, Edward Babbitt, 18, Corey Stevenson, 19, Kyle Dumond, 18, and three juveniles. The Windham Police department is still investigating the incident.

The Windham Task Force, with help from the Gorham Police Department, also investigated and broke up a Gorham High School prom party on Middle-Jam Road. Police issued one summons to an 18-year-old from Portland.

Underage drinking has recently caused problems in Westbrook, where police broke up a party with several student athletes. Many police departments around Maine are setting up anonymous tip programs to combat underage drinking.


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