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Planting Snow Peas!

I shot this video a few weeks ago but it is still relevant because now is also a good time to plant out your peas!  Peas are great becuase the are very cold hardy and the bear relatively early.  Don't forget to put a little wood ash down for potash.  It's a great, cheap soil improver!  Enjoy the video!

Do you like YOGURT? Save your containers for GARDENING!

Got any extra yogurt containers lying around?  If so you can use them to transplant your tomato seedlings from their small cel trays which they may be outgrowing, to a larger individual pot.  This will give them time to get even larger before you plant them in the garden.  Enjoy the video!

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

My children and I had a wonderful time dying Easter eggs this weekend.  We used natural dyes for a change and the results were quite good!  We had three colors, yellow from tumeric powder, pink from beet juice and blue from blueberries!  Here's how we did it with each color.

Pink: If you have beets for a meal save any water that they were cooked in and add the peelings from the skins to this water.  Boil this mixture for an hour or so and then cool.  Pour off about a cup of this liquid into a mug and add two tablespoons of vinegar to it.   

Yellow:  Pour one cup of hot tap water into a mug.  Add one teaspoon of tumeric powder and two tablespoons of vinegar. 

Blue:  Boil one cup of water with 1/2 - 2/3 cup of blueberries.  While they boil occaisionally mash the berries with a spoon or potato masher t

Chicken Rototillers!

I like to use my chickens to rototill my garden!  It's amazing what those little birds can accomplish!  First of all they eat weed seeds and bugs and second they scratch and aerate the soil .  Finally all they time the do this they are adding nitrogen rich manure to the soil.  It's a win win!  Enjoy the video!

Corn Sprouting Test Successful!!!

I am sooooooo excited to share that my corn sprouting test is successful!  This is important because it means that my efforts to save seed from last year has paid off!  At harvest time last year I set aside about 12 ears that looked really good and came from tall, vigorous plants.  I dried them out and shelled them by hand with my daughter, Jane.  See this link for that video!


This was the final test to see if they will work as seed for this year and they do!

Shelling corn with an antique corn sheller.

Previously I posted about shelling seed corn by hand with my daughter, Jane.  See it here if you missed it.


This time I got my hands on an antique corn sheller that is hand operated.  This thing must be almost 100 years old and yet it still works great!  They sure don't make things like they used to!  Enjoy the video!


Discoveries on a Maple Sunday Adventure

Discoveries on a Maple Sunday Adventure

Country Thyme Foods on 302 in Naples was a great place to stop before heading off to the sugar shacks this past Sunday. Which was actually there first annual pancake breakfast to tip off Maple Sunday, all proceeds went to benefit an abandon black lab named Dusty, who was in need of some medical attention.


When the unique local store opens its doors for the first time on April 15th; it will be filled with homemade pastries, jams, breads, honey, locally made gifts, fresh produce and fish. A must stop location if your heading up to Sebago Lake area!