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Colorado Potato Beetles BEWARE... of my Wife!

My wife found Colorado Potato Beetles on our potato plants recently.  She collected them up and put them in a canister.  After that we mulched the potato plants with salt hay covering the plants up almost entirely.  This is the best organic method for dealing with them.  She also found their small orange eggs on the tops and bottoms of the leaves.  Just scrape them off as best you can.  It's also important to check periodically for the beetles as the will likely show up again.   

The chickens are out on the lawn!

We finally moved our newest batch of laying hens out onto the lawn in their portable coop!  The yard area of the coop is open to the ground so now they have access to nice fresh grass and bugs for the first time in their lives and they are LOVING it!  We move them every few days to fresh grass.  Their droppings help to fertilize the ground but it is important to move them before they do too much damage to the grass.  They are about 6 weeks old now and getting bigger every day!

Historic Barns, with Don Perkins at Narramissic, the Peabody-Fitch Farm

Saturday July 9: Historic Barns, with Don Perkins at Narramissic, the Peabody-Fitch Farm
5:00 Curator’s tour of Narramissic, the Peabody-Fitch House (separate admission) 6:00 Reception and light supper, followed at 7:00 by an Illustrated Lecture by author Don Perkins, “The Barn Guy.”  $15 includes tour, reception, and lecture; $12 Reception and lecture ($10 for BHS members)

Narramissic, the Peabody-Fitch Farm , is located near the end of Ingalls Road, off route 107 in South Bridgton. It will be open Wed-Fri, 11-3 for tours in July and August.

Planting out grain, despite the RAIN!

I knew the sun was coming out today so I decided to try my best to get my grain planted!  I'm growing two types of grain this year, both are for my chickens.  The first is a grain corn called "Painted Mountain".   This is an 85 day corn that is multicolored.  It does very well here in Maine in the short growing season.  All my previous blogs about corn have been with this variety so now it's finally in the ground.  I used a single row seeder with a corn disc to plant this seed one inch deep and 12 inches apart.  The seeder did quite well but the ground was a little wet so the wheels caked up pretty good with soil.  That changed the height of the seeder and therefore the depth of the seed!  Ugh!  I had to scrape frequently.  The next crop is barley.  I used the same seeder with different disc, the "beets-okra-swisschard" disc.  This droped the seeds a few inches apart but I really needed the seeds aout one inch apa

Rufus Porter Museum Schedules a Busy July 2011

Rufus Porter Museum Schedules a Busy July 2011

Bridgton, Maine - An historic house tour, a weathervane exhibit, and five days of hands-on art classes are all on offer during July at the local Rufus Porter Museum.

The house tour, slated for Saturday, July 9 features seven local properties of great interest ranging from a local farm house, built in the 1830’s, to a Queen Anne-style meeting hall built in 1892.

The most unusual property on the tour is a water-powered coffin factory. Built by Bridgton’s first undertaker in 1856, the shop is the only survivor among two dozen factories along Stevens Brook running from Highland Lake to Long Lake. The shop’s ground floor features many old saws and implements used in cabinet making.

Folk Art on High is the museum’s summer exhibit of 19th century weathervanes from two private collections.

Chick's new home!

I moved my new chicks from their cardboard box to their new home the chicken coop this weekend.  They are four weeks old and they are looking more and more like chickens every day!  I had to start by disinfecting the old chicken coop.  To do this take a bucket of water and add a few drops of dish liquid and then 1/2 cup of bleach.  Clean out as much manure as possible from the bottom of the coop then scrub it hard with the bleach solution using a stiff brush.  Use a sponge to wet down the entire interior of the coop including walls and nest boxes.  Then rinse it all down with a hose and let dry! 

Gentleman Farmer makes good use of Minivan!

I had hoped to plant this weekend but the rain made that impossible.  However just as the rain was coming my wife and I had a chance to do a very important step in the planting of corn!  Watch the video to find out!