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Time to order CHICKS!
Time to order CHICKS!

It’s that time of year!  Time to order chickens!  We will be replacing our layer flock this year.  We really prefer the “Buff Orpington” breed for several reasons.  They are relatively quiet, they are very even tempered and they are good with children.  If you are thinking of starting a layer flock here are a few tips on ordering.  At Blue Seal Feeds in Windham, where I get my birds, there is a minimum order of six birds.  If you are a family of four and you just want eggs for personal use this number is perfect!  At the height of their production in the first year we were getting up to 5 eggs per day!  Now it’s more like 1-3 per day and they are three years old.  If your family is larger or you want to sell eggs then you can certainly increase your flock size.  The breeds available are numerous; Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Golden Comets, White Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, the list goes on.  Prices are around 3.00 per bird.  When the birds come in you have to go get them with your own box.  The box should have some litter in the bottom to absorb droppings.  Order deadlines are March 17th, April 14th and May 16th for deliveries in mid April, May and June respectively.  Your birds will begin laying eggs about 20-24 weeks later so you should have eggs by the fall.  If you’ve never had chickens before find someone who has a flock and ask lots of questions!  You could also attend Blue Seals free chicken seminar.  It will be offered April 19th at 6:00PM at the Windham Public library.  Visit the store or call them to sign up, 892-9411.  By the way I do not work for them and I’m not getting paid to mention them!  Most feed stores do the same thing so just find out what is closest to you and pay them a visit! 


Finally I’d just like to say that raising a flock of laying hens is a real pleasure!  They only require about 15 minutes a day to take care of and they provide numerous teaching opportunities for young children.  Plus they give you lovely eggs that are fresher and taste better than store bought eggs!  If you have any questions for me please click my name “Nate” at the top of the story and fill out the contact form.  I’ll do my best to answer!


Happy chicken raising!

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