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Meat Birds are HERE!
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Our meat birds have arrived!  There are 45 total and they are Freedom Ranger chicks from the Freedom Ranger Hatchery.  CLICK HERE for a link to the hatchery!  This particular breed is a little different from the typical Cornish Cross meat bird that most people raise.  The Freedom Ranger is a slower growing bird that is more suitable to foraging on pasture.  Just to give you an idea a Cornish Cross bird is normally raised in a broiler house with limited access to sun and grass and will be ready to slaughter in 8 weeks.  Our birds will be placed outside in a mobile coop that is open to the ground.  I will move it every day to fresh pasture so the birds have access to fresh grass and bugs.  This will reduce how much feed they consume plus it allows them to do what chickens love to do: scratch, flap, eat, take dust baths, and preen in the sun!  More to come!

Blogs, Home & Garden

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