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Seed saving in the garden!
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We like to save seed where we can in our garden and we have two very good reasons to do so.  First of all it saves money because you don't have to purchase new seed.  Secondly the seed you save has actually turned certain genes on and off in it's DNA and has adapted itself to your soil conditions.  That means that next year the plants that grow from these seeds will actually perform BETTER than their predecessors!  The process is different for each plant so you have to do your research but for the most part you wait until the pods that contain the seeds dry out and begin to open.  Then you collect the seed and save it for next year!  It's important to note that this can only be done with seed that comes from plants that are "open pollentated" and most seed catalogs will tell you if they are.  It won't work with hybrid seeds. 

Blogs, Home & Garden

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