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Bean blight! Eradicating failed crops.
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Bean blight!  Eradicating failed crops.

Tragedy!  Our entire row of Vermont Cranberry beans have picked up some sort of disease!  All the pods have black spots on them.  We've never had a crop failure like this one.  It's just so heartbreaking but what must be done is all these plants have to be pulled up and hauled away.  There's no other way around it.  We also have to do this so that no other plants get the same disease especially other green beans.  In fact we have another variety of green been in the garden adjacent to this one so it is especially important to get these diseased plants out as quick as possible.  This is another reason why it's a good thing to diversify where you plant your vegetables.  If you're going to plant two different varieties of say tomatoes it may be a good idea to separate them a bit.  That way if one gets a disease the other may have a better chance for survival.

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