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Homemade Lard!
Homemade Lard!

OK!  I know!  Why would anyone want to do this, RIGHT?  Well the point is I've actually done some research and I personally feel like the risks for heart disease are actually higher when you consume partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in the form of shortening and margarine.  Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  For me when I need a solidified fat, or shortening that is stable at room temperature, like for a pie crust or pastry, I reach for the real deal, LARD!  Just like anything you must use lard in moderation so don't go "hog" wild, pun intended!  Also lard is the key ingredient in homemade soap so there are other uses for this old fashioned product than just enhancing your middle!

With THAT out of the way I'll step down from my "soap-box", haha, and show you how I make lard at home.  A word on ingredients here.  In this video I'm using suet which is beef fat.  I saw it in my grocery store and snagged it!  I'm using about 4 pounds in this recipe.  You can also use pork fat as well and in fact this was the most common fat in the lard that our Grandmothers made!  You may need to order pork fat from your butcher or farmer since it's highly unlikely you'll find it in your grocery store.  If you do order it see if you can get something called the "leaf fat" which is the fat that surrounds the kidney of the pig.  This makes the whitest and most flavor-less lard, which is what you want when you make pies!

Finally this is the first video in a series and the rest of the videos can be seen here on my youtube channel!  NATE'sKITCHEN!

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