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Troop B CLICK IT or TICKET results

Between November 15th and November 28th Troop B participated in the national CLICK IT or TICKET campaign by conducting various high visibility traffic enforcement details throughout Androscoggin, Cumberland and Oxford Counties. Troopers were assigned to conduct 4 hour details on highways that had been identified as areas that had unusually high number of automobile crashes. These highways include Route 4 from Auburn to Livermore, Route 2 from Bethel to Rumford, Route 302 from Windham to Bridgton, Route 26 from South Paris to Bethel, and Route 100 in Gray and New Gloucester.
15 separate details were conducted. Most of the details involved dedicated patrols focusing on traffic enforcement work specifically looking for seatbelt usage. Troop B Commander, Lt. Walter Grzyb was pleased with the results. Troopers made 254 vehicle contacts. A contact is either a traffic stop or a contact made during a safety road check. Lt. Grzyb reports that an overwhelming majority of the drivers and passengers were wearing seatbelts. Out of the 254 contacts made, Troopers only issued 15 summonses for seatbelt violations. Lt. Grzyb says this shows that most people understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt to protect you from death or serious injury in the event you are involved in a crash.
In addition to seatbelt violations, Lt. Grzyb reports that Troopers identified and arrested 2 motorists for operating under the influence. In all, Troopers issued 49 traffic summonses for various offences to include operating after suspension, criminal speed (30 MPH over the posted speed limit), inspection violations, unsafe passing violations as well as others. Not all enforcement action resulted in a ticket however. Lt. Grzyb says that Troopers issued 3 times as many warnings (151).
The CLICK IT or TICKET campaign is now over but Troop B is now working details on the 2010 Impaired Driver crackdown. This is another national campaign to identify and arrest drivers for operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Lt. Grzyb says that Troop B will have troopers dedicated to conducting traffic enforcement details throughout Androscoggin, Cumberland and Oxford Counties focusing on impaired drivers. This campaign will go on through the holidays.
Lt. Grzyb hopes that everyone will have a safe holiday season on the roads and reminds everyone to wear their seatbelt and not to drive after you have been drinking.


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