Red Claws Team Up with Enterprising Windham HS Students to Renovate Court | Community Spirit

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Red Claws Team Up with Enterprising Windham HS Students to Renovate Court

Class Project Sparks Efforts to Renovate Dilapidated Court
PORTLAND, ME – The Maine Red Claws, presented by Quirk Chevrolet, today announced that they have
joined the efforts of two Windham High School students to renovate a public basketball court in the town of
Windham. The court, which is currently in severe disrepair and unusable, is located near the Manchester
Elementary School and will be the only public outdoor court in the town of Windham.
“We were approached by Windham highs school students Matt Dyer and Matt Desmond early in the fall seeking
the Red Claws’ assistance to renovate an outdoor basketball court in Windham,” said Red Claws President and
General Manager. “I was impressed with their drive, organization and determination, and after witnessing the sad
state of the courts, we were more than happy to jump on board with the project.”
Windham High School seniors Matt Dyer and Matt Desmond launched the project to bring outdoor recreational
basketball to Windham as part of an entrepreneurship class at Windham High School. Prior to approaching the
Red Claws, the pair had already received approval from the Windham Town Council and Windham-Raymond
School Committee for the project and had several area businesses agree to donate or significantly discount
services and materials.
“There are a lot of kids in Windham who play basketball, but there really is no where that is open and free for
everyone to use,” Desmond said. “At first, we were a little nervous to talk to all these important people like the
Town Council and members of the school board and meeting with Red Claws President and General Manager Jon
Jennings, but everyone was really enthusiastic about the idea and the work we had done.”
With cracked pavement filled with weeds and broken or missing hoops, the courts are currently not usable. The
entire surface will be repaved to allow for two 84’x 50’ (high school regulation) courts with brand new goals and
a separate area for street hockey and ice skating in the winter. The surrounding area will be improved with
increased visibility and lighting. Additions to the project, should funding allow, could include player benches,
spectator seating and improved access to the area from the parking lot. Renovations will begin in November,
including the removal of the broken goals and the preparation of the area for paving.
“The Windham Parks and Recreation Department has attempted to renovate the Manchester School Basketball
Courts over the years but have not been able to come up with all the necessary funds. This time, with the hard
work and determination from Matt and Matt, the renovations will become a reality this year,” said Brian Ross,
Windham Parks and Recreation Director. “We are very excited that these courts will be renovated for the use of
basketball and ice skating in winter season. Many residents of all ages will benefit from this renovation project.”
PO Box 15180, Portland, ME 04112
Contact: Jana Spaulding 207-210-6655 x210
“This project has truly been a team effort, and it all began with the vision of two high school students,” said
Jennings. “They took all of the necessary steps and brought together all of the people that were needed. Our
understanding is that this is something that the town of Windham has wanted and needed for a long time. Matt
and Matt were the spark that was needed to bring it all together, and the Red Claws are happy to be a part of such
a great project.”
Several area businesses have pledged funding for the renovations, even before the project was formally
announced, among them Mercy Hospital, Quirk Chevrolet, the Town of Windham Parks and Recreation
Department, Rampart Bituminous, and D&J Excavating. Additional funding will be needed to complete the
project, which organizers hope to complete by early spring.
“We’ve got a great start, but there is a lot more to do,” said Matt Dyer. “We hope the town will come together to
help us complete the project and give kids and adults in Windham a great court to play on that is safe and wellmaintained.”
Windham basketball court renovations may be mailed to Maine Red Claws Foundation/Windham Courts, PO Box
15180, Portland, ME 04112. Donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.

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