Racoon believed to be rabid attacks a man and dog in Gorham | News

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Racoon believed to be rabid attacks a man and dog in Gorham

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There has been in resurgence of rabies cases in racoons in southern Maine in recent years, and state health officials say they continue to see the disease circulate.

Most of us know to keep our distance from wild animals, what what if they come after you in your own yard?

It's happened again, this time in Gorham.

George Bragg saw a big racoon come running up his driveway after his Maltese Poodle Max. The racoon latched on to the dog's side and wouldn't let go until Bragg hit it repeatedly with a bottle. But the racoon didn't' stop there. A few hours later it attacked a man delivering lumber to Bragg's house. That man killed the animal with a pipe. Its remains have been sent to Augusta to determine if the racoon was indeed rabid.

Dr. Dora Mills with the Centers for Disease Control says everyone should have their pets vaccinated and keep those shots up to date. Max's were. Here's in quarantine and on antibiotics, but the vet says he'll be fine.

Mills also says stay away from wildlife, including squirrels, which can also be rabid. And if you get bitten, see a doctor immediately.


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