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Gardeners! Start your seed orders!
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Gardeners!  Start your seed orders!

I know!  I know!  We're in the middle of a snow storm but really, a snow storm is just about the best time to curl up by the wood stove and start planning that springtime garden!  My wife and I are just about ready to put in our seed order.  We like to do our garden on a budget and starting from seed is the best way to accomplish that.  A good plan is a must.  In the picture the plan for one of our three large gardens is on top of the seed catalogs.  A plan helps you properly space plants and get a general vision for how the garden will look.  We will be doing a variety of vegetables and flowers this year.  Here are some of the things we hope to grow!  The "favorites" are things we've grown successfully before and still have leftover seed for.  The "new items" are things we will be trying out for the first time this spring!


Provider bush bean
Brandywine tomato
Sun Gold tomato
Stuttgarter onion
Painted Mountain corn
Calendula Alpha
viola Helen Mount
Eclipse pea
Lincoln pea
French Breakfast radish
Baby Bear pumpkin

New Items:

Rose Finn Apple potato
Cylindra beets
Lime basil
Charentais melon
Six row barley

It's always good to get several seed catalogs and shop around a little.  We're particularly fond of Pinetree Seeds in New Gloucester and of course, Johnny's Seeds is also very good.  It's good to get your order in early since sometimes they may actually run out of popular varieties.  Also remember that you don't really need to start seeds until about the first week in March and even then for us that will just be the flowers we have planned. 

So if you're thinking of starting your garden from seed start planning now while the snow flies... and dream!

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