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Childsplay in concert

The fiddle extravaganza known as Childsplay will be appearing in Portland on Saturday evening, December 4th at 8 PM at the Portland High School Auditorium. Childsplay features some of the best fiddlers in the nation, from Boston Symphony violinists to all-Ireland fiddle champions to national fiddling champions. Formed in 1986, the special sound of Childsplay lies not only in the skill of the musicians but in the warm familial timbre of the instruments they play – a quality similar to the vocal blending of singers from the same family. Known to its audience as a celebration of spirited, innovative, and exuberant music, this special evening will allow the audience a rare glimpse into the intricate weavings of the beautiful singing of Mollie O'Brien (if you listen to Prairie Home Companion you have heard Mollie sing many times!)  with the voices of the violins made by the same violinmaker. Featured in this year's show from the great state of Maine are Ellen Gawler, Elsie Gawler and Lissa Schneckenburger.

Bob Childs, the artistic director of Childsplay, has spearheaded this endeavor by drawing in fiddlers who have purchased his instruments over the years, as well as musicians and dancers he has met along the way. Year after year he crafts these shows and creates inspiring events that are both a celebration of the beautiful and diverse voices of the violin and are a tribute to the masterful musicians who perform in the concerts.The group's passion, authenticity and artistry declare that traditional music and dance are alive and well in North America. Captivating, inspiring, entertaining, life-affirming, call it what you will, the stick-to-your-ribs fiddling of Childsplay has become a jewel in the crown of American music.

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