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Chicken Re-Coop
Chicken Re-Coop

We have six laying hens on my little hobby farm.  And just a few nights ago when I was checking on them before bed I noticed one of the ladies was wheezing pretty bad.  "Hmmm... my first sick bird", I thought.  I got her out of the coop with much flapping and complaining and took her into the garage.  My wife assembled a box with lots of litter and we placed her inside with plenty of food and water.  She seemed to calm down and her wheezing subsided a little.  It's very important to separate sick birds from the flock as soon as possible to avoid the spreading of disease.  It's also important to keep the coop clean and dry and replenished with fresh litter as often as possible since disease can spread through droppings. 

The next day I told my six year old daughter, Jane about it.  I explained that one of our "ladies" had caught a cold and would be spending a few days in the garage to recover by herself.  She wanted to see the bird immediately so we went out to the garage to check her out.  She had made a nice little nest for herself and seemed comfortable, no wheezing.  Several minutes later I noticed Jane drawing something on a fresh piece of paper.  When I saw it I was so touched I just had to scan it.  The image is below!  Notice the coughing chicken!  The A-Frame structure is our coop.  That's me carrying the bird and the box in the lower right corner is where the bird spent her quarantine time!  Precious!

The little lady made a full recovery and was "re-cooped" just yesterday.  She even left us an egg in the box!  Integration back into the flock went seemlessly.  I had a neighbor do this once with a chicken that spent considerable time away from the main flock.  When that bird was placed back in the flock the rest of the birds attacked her as an outsider.  They had forgotten her.  Not so with our ladies.  They didn't even seem to notice she had returned.  The last picture is our little flock feeding on kitchen scraps.  I'm pretty sure that's her in front!

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