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The Art of Snowblowing... with Old Iron!

Well that was quite a storm we had here on January 12th!  I gather that most of you out there used a snow blower to dig out.  This was just the right kind of snow for blowing.  While there was a lot of it, I got about a foot in South Windham, the snow was relatively light and easy to clear.  My neighbor and I each own a curious contraption called a "Walk Behind Tractor."  These particular tractors were made by a manufacturer called Gravely.  They look like a riding lawnmower that has had the rear end and wheels cut off!  There are two wheels that provide the propulsion, a transmission and a single cylinder, four stroke gasoline engine strapped to the back!  On the front is a PTO or power take-off that accepts several different implements.  In the video you'll see we have both of ours set up for, you guessed it, SNOWBLOWING!  What is so impressive to me is that these machines are still running after over 40 years!  My neighbor's tractor was made in 1969 and mine was made in 1978!  The quality of the engineering is top notch.  They are very robust and rugged and they have a voracious appetite for snow!  Unfortunately they are no longer manufactured.  I found mine on Craig's list and later helped my neighbor find one too!  They have a way of multiplying you see!  A term that is often applied to old equipment like this is "Old Iron".  So enjoy the video and send me your comments!  They sure don't make 'em like they used to!

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