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One person dead after police-involved shooting in Windham

WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- UPDATE at 10:15 AM: The Windham Police Department responded to a complaint of a suicidal male on Quartz Circle around 6:15 a.m. on Saturday morning. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office went to the scene. Police say the incident evolved quickly. The man displayed a firearm and was then shot by a police officer.

Windham Police, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, and the Maine State Police are investigating this incident, under the direction of the Maine Attorney General's office.

The Maine Attorney General's office is involved with the investigation because it is a standard operating procedure when there is an officer-involved shooting. Maine State Game Wardens are also assisting with scene reconstruction.

Roads around the incident are expected to be closed for hours.

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Windham school has drug discussion over dinner

WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Drug and alcohol education is already a part of the curriculum, but Windham Middle School is tackling the issue in an innovative way: discussion drug abuse over dinner.

The school held a spaghetti supper and invited eighth grade students and their parents to a program after school.

With help from the Opportunity Alliance, Windham Police, and school officials, students and parents learned about drugs and alcohol Tuesday night in a "Windham Wants to Know" program.

While parents heard a presentation from a substance abuse specialist, students broke away and had a discussion with RSU 14 High School students.

"They can hear from high school kids that it is okay to go over there to the high school and not use," said Community Services Officer Matt Cyr.

Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

Have you had moments of frustration, wanting to help your aging parents in some way only to find they refuse you? It can be very frustrating to meet with resistance. You likely find yourself experiencing a great deal of ambivalence — strong, conflicting feelings that can be unsettling.

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